At NobleBank we’ve taken a proactive approach to detecting and preventing financial fraud against older customers through routine employee training and the use of technology to spot red flags and report suspicious activity to authorities. Additionally, we sponsor the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation. Their programs protect and

Happy Cyber Monday and welcome to one of the biggest days of the year for online shopping! With the convenience of online retailers, comes increased security risk. We want to make sure you stay safe this holiday season by using these 5 tips below. 1.USE PRIVATE WI-FI CONNECTIONS Make sure you are using

outsourcing payroll

  It’s time to have a serious conversation about outsourcing payroll. You are a small business owner. You are working hard during this time to see that your business grows and thrives. You probably work over 10 hours a day and handle many administrative tasks yourself because you don’t want

1/19/2021  The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is now open again for both new and repeat small business borrowers. If your business has not previously gotten a PPP loan, you are likely eligible for a PPP First Draw Loan. If your business already got a PPP loan during 2020, you may be eligible for a PPP Second Draw Loan if your business experienced a significant revenue reduction over the past year (see

small business contingency planning

  It may be a long time before we fully understand the pandemic’s impact on the small business community. We do know for sure the current economic climate means that small businesses need to be on alert in the event of another wave of the virus. But take heart –

Community bank advantages by NobleBank & Trust in Alabama

It sometimes seems as though there’s a bank on every corner, doesn’t it? Mega Banks, community banks, credit unions, all with their own colorful brands and slogans, trying to convince you why they’re the best place to take your business banking and business loan needs. But if you’re a smart