In our continuous mission to meet all of our clients' needs, NobleBank offers the SOLE Visa Payroll Card, for businesses that want to offer direct deposit to all of their employees.

  • Money is deposited directly to the card on the day of pay, making it a perfect option for unbanked employees or those who don't want their money going straight to the bank.
  • It saves you and your business money by eliminating the cost of paper checks and keeps your unbanked employees from having to pay intrusive check cashing fees.
  • Acts like any other debit card or credit card. Holders can make everyday purchases in store or on the web, and they check the balance of their card online or by phone.

Additional benefits of the SOLE Payroll Card

No Charge Cash Withdrawals. Each payroll cycle, cardholders can perform one teller withdrawal at any Visa member bank in the U.S. at no charge. Cash can also be withdrawn at any time through the cash back option at any store with no extra fee.

  • The card is transferable if a cardholder changes jobs.
  • Fast, reliable cardholder support with a real expert and not a machine.
  • The card is totally customizable, allowing users to add their own photo or graphic to the card.
  • Free fraud alerts sent to your mobile phone in the event a card has been compromised.
  • Mobile accessible.

Learn more about SOLE Visa Payroll Cards or contact us at 256-741-1800.

Who Is Unbanked?

In this day and age, it seems like everyone has a bank account. But even in our digital world, there are some legitimate reasons why some of your employees don't have a bank account:

  • Fees: Unexpected fees are frustrating, causing some customers to lose trust in banks all together.
  • Blacklisting: Too many bounced checks or overdrafts can land a person on a blacklist, rendering them unable to even have an account.
  • Age: People under 25 hold the highest percentage of unbanked individuals. For various reasons, younger employees are more likely to not have a bank account.
  • Bad Experience: For some, a bad experience with a bank drives them away for life.
  • Unemployment: Individuals who have spent a lot of time unemployed often have not had the income to keep an account open.
  • Debt: Outstanding debt can make some individuals want to stay off the grid.

Whatever the reason, the SOLE Payroll card easily alleviates the hassle that comes with unbanked employees and paper checks.

Associated Fees

SOLE Payroll Card holders will NEVER be charged secret or surprise fees, and the card comes with many benefits at no charge, such as:

  • Cash Back at Point of Sale
  • Online Statements and Account Management
  • Cardholder Setup and Enrollment
  • Monthly Account Maintenance
  • Online Bill Pay at Merchant Site
  • First Bank Teller Withdrawal Per Pay Period

There are, however, certain fees for certain actions. These include:

  • Email and Text alerts - $0.25
  • ATM Withdrawal - $2.50
  • ATM Balance Inquiry - $1.50
  • ATM Decline - $1.00
  • Online Bill Pay Service - $1.00
  • Card to Card Transfer - $1.00
  • Card to Bank Account Transfer - $4.00
  • Paper Statements - $4.00
  • Live Personal Banking — $3.00
  • Replacement Card Fee/Second Card Fee/Epix Card Fee - $10.00
  • Any subsequent Bank Teller Withdrawal - $7.00