Dedicated Bankers: A Lifelong Consultant for Your Business

The world of banking is changing by the second, it seems. The ways to ‘do money’ have come a long way from the days when people used to stand in line at the bank to make deposits, tap account withdrawals, and open up loans and mortgages. Now, banks offer so many of their services online, including NobleBank & Trust, as we’re constantly keeping up with the latest evolutions in banking.

One thing that will never change, however, is the need for personal relationships. It might sound great that you can open up a mortgage in mere moments through an online loan service, but it’s not so great when issues come up, and upon attempts at reaching a customer service representative, you find yourself riding a carousel of automated voices. 

That’s why NobleBank & Trust is proud to offer our dedicated banking services. For both retail and commercial clients–and everyone in between–NobleBank & Trust’s dedicated bankers are assigned to each of our clients so that, should you need direct consultation at any given moment, we’re here to help. 

In today’s blog, we introduce one of NobleBank & Trust’s Business Services Advisor, Lisa Robinette, who will give some insight into exactly what it is that makes our dedicated bankers such a boon to businesses and retail bankers. 

What is a Dedicated Banker, Exactly? 

Most banks have tellers, managers, and service representatives. They do their jobs, paying out withdrawals, taking deposits, and preparing the documents for your loan or mortgage. 

But we aren’t most banks, and our dedicated bankers are more than just bankers. 

Communication Between Dedicated Bankers and their Clients 

We asked Lisa Robinette, who works with businesses in treasury management, how often our dedicated bankers speak to their clients. Her answer? 

“Every day, you speak with someone.” 

As a business owner, how often would you like to speak with close colleagues? As an individual, how often would you want access to your accountant? To put it simply, this is how our dedicated bankers view our clients–as if they hired them to do a job. 

Dedicated Bankers’ Scope of Work

NobleBank & Trust’s dedicated bankers are more like consultants personally assigned to you or your business. Though it may sound improbable, NobleBank & Trust’s dedicated bankers communicate with clients about anything and everything related to the finances of their accounts or businesses. 

As Lisa Robinette tells it, “A dedicated banker to me is being there for your clients in good times and bad,” she said, referring in part to our discussion of the rush for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. “Sometimes the market is up, business is good, but then we saw that the economy coming to a screeching halt left our clients in a panic. But we stepped and did everything possible to help them get through it. It was a lot of work, but so worth it.”

Mere moments after the PPP funds were released, the big box banks were closing their doors to their own clients because the money ran dry. Meanwhile, NobleBank & Trust’s dedicated bankers were just getting started. They burned the midnight oil in their unflappable efforts to get every one of their clients the help they needed. Rather than having their cries for help met with that carousel of automated, our dedicated bankers took every last one as if they were sitting face-to-face. 

The short answer is, there is no limit to the scope of NobleBank & Trust’s dedicated bankers. Every imaginable financial issue–from budgeting your personal insurance plan to designing the shareholder cap table for your startup–falls under the purview of our dedicated bankers.

NobleBank & Trust’s Dedicated Bankers Provide the Personal Touch

Lisa Robinette says, “It’s not just about their business for us, we try to help on a personal level as well. And it’s not only about the business and revenue, we have real relationships with customers. I have become ‘friends’ with some, and we talk about more than just banking.”

Colleagues that build the kind of trust, loyalty, and understanding that goes beyond business and finances are able to create tacit awareness of each other’s thoughts and actions. Think of Gates and Balmer, or Jobs and Wozniak–generational business people whose success was predicated on what seemed to be telepathic working relationships. 

Colleagues that develop relationships on a human level will witness together the development of real wealth and progress–and the dedicated bankers at NobleBank & Trust aim to do just that. Past the numbers, our dedicated bankers will be there for you and your finances and businesses as if they were their own. 

Trust Your Business Banking Needs to NobleBank & Trust

NobleBank’s slogan: Friendly. Proactive. Professional. A community bank with “big bank” services and technologies, NobleBank meets the needs of our community and builds value for our customers in a way you won’t find at other banks. Click here to find a location throughout Central Alabama near you, or give us a call for a consultation that addresses your unique business needs at 256-741-1800.

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