More than just a place to keep your money.

At NobleBank, we're proud to offer the best financial accounts and services around. But we're just as proud of the relationships we have! We work hard to be more than just a place to keep your money. We want to get to know you, be a place where you can stop by just to say hello and have a cup of coffee. Because the better we know you, the better we can serve you.

But we want you to know us as well. Take a look below to learn more about NobleBank — what we believe, what we stand for, and how we got to where we are.

Our Mission Statement

We build value — for our customers, employees and shareholders — by serving the financial services needs of our community, in a friendly, proactive, and professional manner. We are the bank of choice because we exceed customer expectations with every contact and every transaction. Relationships with our customers, community, and employees are important to us and we invest our time and resources accordingly. We value honesty and integrity while striving daily for continued profitable growth.

Our Story

In 2004, a group of community leaders began discussing the need for a new locally owned community bank. They had a common vision: to establish a financial institution based on Biblical principles. They envisioned a bank wherein all business endeavors and decisions would be handled in a Godly manner, while meeting the needs of the community and providing a return to the shareholders who believed in this vision. They began the process of organizing the bank in February 2005.

Among the hundreds of decisions that had to be made during the organization process, were the name and logo of the bank; the identity of the bank, if you will. After countless hours of reflection, research and discussion, the Board of Directors decided on NobleBank & Trust and the crest you see displayed on the website. The name they chose gave the new bank an identity with the local community and it expressed how the Board envisioned customers, employees, the community, and shareholders would be treated: "nobly!"

Today, NobleBank & Trust has grown to be in excess of $210 million. And every day we continue to strive to live up to the "noble" vision and goals established by our Board of Directors. If you are not a customer of NobleBank & Trust, you have an open invitation to give us a try ... we think you will enjoy the royal experience!

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.To Him be the glory forever! Amen. – Romans 11:36

The NobleBank Crest

The logo, or crest, is a strong reflection of the Board of Directors' vision and goals for the new bank with many of its features having dual meanings.

The shield represents strength — as an institution and as a safe keeper of the Bank's customers' assets.

The pineapple represents hospitality — we want everyone who comes into the Bank to feel welcome, at home.

The color purple represents royalty — which is how we want our customers to feel; the color also represents the traditional color worn by Jesus Christ, and is a reminder of the Bank's vision.

The Latin inscription "Excello Servare" reflects the Bank's commitment to excellence — we provide excellent service, every day to every customer!

The crown has two meanings — it says that our employees are empowered to take care of customers; and it is a reminder, again, of the Bank's commitment to operate in a manner that is honoring of the "King of Kings."