Online Banking FAQ

I just opened an account at NobleBank. How do I log on to online banking?

You should have been given a username and a temporary password when you opened your account. You can use this information to log in to your online account. If you did not receive a username or temporary password please contact us.

I don't remember my password. What should I do?

If you are unsure of your password you can reset it. Just enter your username and, instead of attempting your password, select "Forgot Your Password?" You will then have the opportunity to reset your password by answering your Secure Authentication questions.

Why do I have to answer the personal questions each time I log in to online banking?

You can avoid answering the personal questions each time you log in by registering your computer. When answering the questions, there will be a check box below and words in bold reading, "Register this computer." NOTE: It is best practice NOT to register computers in public places or computers that may be unsafe.

In some cases, even after registering your computer, you are still prompted to answer the questions each time you log in. This problem is usually associated with cookies and temporary internet files. If cookies are not enabled OR if cookies are being deleted at the end of browser session (when the browser window is closed), this will keep the computer from being 'registered' or remembered. Also, if cookies or temporary internet files are cleared, your browser will become 'unregistered' with online banking.

Why do I have to change my password so often?

In an effort to protect your personal information, we require you to use strong passwords and change them periodically. This is best practice in order to ensure online safety. Using the same password for an extended period of time gives attackers a greater chance to steal your password and use it successfully.

We encourage you to change all of your online account passwords periodically and use strong passwords. We also recommend having virus and spyware protection on any computer that may contain sensitive information and keeping your computer up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrades for the operating system and software installed.

I'm locked out of online banking and the bank is not open, what can I do?

If you are locked out and it is after hours you can simply use the Contact Us form to notify us of your situation and we'll try to assist you as soon as possible.

I have a loan with NobleBank. Can I pay it via online banking?

Absolutely! Just let us know to make your loan available on your online banking profile and we will gladly add it for you. You can make us aware of your request by sending a Secure Message through online banking or by contacting the office of your choice.

I have other accounts with NobleBank. How can I add those to my online banking?

Normally, all accounts are added to online banking at the time of account opening. If you do not see an account that should be there, please send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact the office of your choice and we will gladly add it for you.

How do I nickname an account?

To add customer nicknames to your account(s) just log in to online banking and select 'Preferences' from the top menu. You will then see your available accounts and corresponding nickname fields. Once you have given each of your accounts the desired nickname simply click the 'Continue' button at the bottom.

I just made a deposit. Why isn't it showing up online?

Some deposits take longer than others to appear online. Cash deposits should show as pending transactions immediately. Deposited checks will not appear until after they are processed—usually by the next business day.

If you deposit both cash and checks, you will see your cash available immediately, but not your checks. Keep in mind that checks are considered uncollected until they clear the financial institution they were drawn from. If you have questions about check clearing timeframes or holds please send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact us.

I have a pending charge that is holding multiple times on my account.

Duplicate pending charges will usually be automatically removed from your pending transactions within a couple of days. These duplicate transactions originate with the merchant, not with the bank. If the merchant will not assist you, or if the duplicate charge remains you can send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I access/download my eStatements?

To access your eStatements, log in to online banking and select 'Statements' from the top menu. You will then need to select the appropriate account from the drop down.

Leave the 'How often are statements created' drop down set to 'Monthly'. At this point you can click 'List Recent Statements' and your last three statements will be displayed for download below. If you need to see a past statement, select the month and year from the available dropdowns to download it.

Keep in mind that you will only have eStatements available going back to when you registered for them. For example, if you have been a customer since January 2010, but did not sign up for eStatements until May 2010, your eStatement history will only go back to the May 2010 statement.

Noble Horizons customers are required to receive eStatements, however, eStatements are free with any of our checking or savings products. Send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact us to sign up for eStatements for your personal or business accounts.

How long are my eStatements available for download?

Currently, you will have access to your eStatements back to when you signed up to receive them. If you are a Noble Horizons customer, you should have access to all your statements since you signed up for the account. If the available statement history for registered eStatement customers changes, we will notify those customers.

How do I see my check images?

When logged in to online banking, select the account you wish to view. Click the check number to open a pop-up image of that item. You can then view the item, front and back, and print the item out if you so wish. If you are having trouble viewing the check images ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Online Bill Pay FAQ

How do I nickname an account?

Once in Bill Pay, click on the left side menu select 'Funding account list' to see a list of your active accounts. You can click on each account and assign it a nickname.

How do I know which account is primary?

Once in Bill Pay, click on the left side menu select 'Funding account list' to see a list of your active accounts. The account that has 'Yes' under the heading 'Default Account' is your primary account.

How do I set up additional accounts for bill payment?

If you would like to be able to pay bills from another account, just let us know. You can send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact the office of your choice.

What if my payee is not in the 'payee list' in Bill Pay?

You can make a payment to anyone, even if they're not on your 'payee list." Simply enter the requested information for the payee.

NOTE: We suggest you confirm the address at which the payee would like to receive payments. Sometimes this can be different from their normal mailing address.

Normally, when a payee is not in the 'payee list' a physical check is sent to the payment address. However, if the payee has electronic remittance in place, Bill Pay will automatically make an electronic payment instead.

How long does it take for my payment to get to the payee once I send a payment?

The amount of time needed for delivery of funds can vary depending on the type of remittance (check or electronic) and the payee. When making a payment, you can click the calendar icon in order to select the date to send payment and the estimated date it will be received.

Keep in mind "received" does not always mean "posted." Each payee handling time can vary. Electronic payments are normally received and posted to your account faster than payments sent via check. Allow enough time for your payment to be received and posted. Contact your payee to find out how much time you may need to allow for processing once payment is received.

I made a payment, but the payee says it was never received. How can I track down my payment?

You can contact Bill Pay by selecting 'Contact client services' from your left side menu. A window will open up providing you with a phone number to call them directly or a web form to fill out so they can contact you via email.

If you prefer to speak with someone locally, you can send us a Secure Message through online banking, or call or come by the office of your choice and we can assist you to get the issue resolved.

I received an email from noblebillpay[at] or research[at]; are these legitimate or a scam?

Both of these email addresses are legitimate. If you receive correspondence from either email address they are safe to read.

Always be aware of email from any sender, known or unknown. These emails will usually be to notify you and do not contain any personal or identifying information. If you are unsure, send us a Secure Message through online banking or contact the office of your choice.

I have a payee that receives payments by check. Can a memo be printed on each check?

Absolutely! Simply click on the 'My Payees' tab on the left side menu and select the payee. Beside the label 'Payment Options,' you will see a link for 'Change Options.' Clicking that link will bring you to a new screen where you can add a memo to your payment.

Once a payment is created, when will the money be withdrawn from my account?

Once a payment is "sent," you will see the transaction in your activity the following day. For example, if you create a payment that is sent on a Monday, then you should expect to see the transaction appear in your pending activity on the next day, Tuesday.

How do I cancel/modify a payment?

You can modify a payment anytime before it is sent. The payment will appear in your Payment Outbox and will have the options that are available to you out to the right. Select 'Cancel' or 'Edit' to make any changes to the scheduled payment.

How do I set up a recurring payment?

There are two ways to do this. The first way is to select a payee from the left side menu, and choose 'Set up automatic' under the 'Payment Option' heading. Once selected, you'd like to make a manual (one-time) payment or to pay automatically at regular intervals. Select the option to pay automatically at regular intervals. This will display new options for setting up payment amount, frequency, and start and stop dates. Once you are satisfied with your options, select 'Save Changes.'

When will my payment be sent if I submit it on a weekend or holiday or it's scheduled to be sent on a weekend or holiday?

If you have a payment that is created or scheduled to be sent on a weekend or holiday, it will be sent the following business day. Keep this in mind when setting up automatic payments too!

How long will my bill payment history be available?

The retention period for bill payment history is 2 years.